KNS Updates (~Nov 2022)

Klaytn Name Service
4 min readNov 22, 2022


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Greetings from the KNS team! In this article, we want to share what we’ve been up to since our last post.

Klip & Kaikas Integration

KNS Tokens in Kaikas and Klip

Klip and Kaikas, the two most used Klaytn wallets now support KNS and sKNS tokens which can be looked up as per the screenshot.

  • How to add KNS/sKNS tokens to Kaikas: Go to [Token List]-[Add Token] and search for KNS and sKNS
  • How to add KNS/sKNS tokens to Klip: Go to [토큰(Token)] Tab and hit [+] button to search for KNS and sKNS tokens.

You can also check the KNS domains you own in the NFT tab of Klip.

Pala Integration

Now you can trade KNS domains at Pala, one of the largest Klaytn NFT marketplaces.

KNS in Pala

Defi Integration

KLEVA, Kokoa finance, and Kokonut finance now supports displaying KNS domains instead of wallet addresses.

KNS in Kokoa, Kokonut

Punkland Wallet Integration

KNS in Punkland

You can now use KNS domains instead of addresses on Punkland Wallet to send Klay and tokens.

Scheduled Updates

Flex Domain

Do you have a unique domain or just want to show off your domains?

Flex Domain is an auction where the winner can advertise their domain on the KNS Website for a week.

Winners of each round will also be rewarded an NFT as a prize.

Flex Domain of the Week Sample Image
Flex Domain of the Week Sample Image(EN)

* You can only participate in the auction with $KNS Tokens. The revenue from the auction will be sent to the Treasury and will be used for the community in the future.

Domain Pricing Adjustment: Dynamic Pricing

The current domain registration pricing was set as a fixed number of KLAYs at the time when KLAY was hovering around $1 or so. However, the volatility of KLAY has increased significantly since then, and domain registration fees have also been affected. As a result, consistent domain pricing has become difficult, and it’s become impossible to maintain a stable financial plan for the KNS protocol.

We have already shared this issue through our Discord server, and after going through discussions, the KNS team plans to resolve this issue by changing the pricing to a fixed USD value of KLAYs using KLAY’s USD price oracles.

Domain pricing adjustments are expected to benefit KNS token holders by strengthening the Treasury and Buy-back funding and also KNS domain holders by increasing the value of individual domains. Also, it’s possible to renew the existing domains in advance, so if you want to renew them, we recommend renewing them within this year.

The domain price adjustment will be applied between January 1 and January 7, 2023.

New pricing of domains

Token Buy-back

We swapped 10,000 KLAY to KNS at 01:08:15 UTC on October 11, 2022, and burnt them. You can check the transaction via Klaytnfinder. We will continue buy-backs from time to time.

Regarding Verified Domain

After collecting user feedback, we decided to suspend our plans to introduce verified domains until further notice. We are still discussing this matter with investors of the project and will make further announcements once things are clarified.

The KNS team will continue to inform you of our latest updates through future posts.

Stay Tuned

Don’t miss out on the latest news from KNS. We are best reached by Discord, so hope you see you there!

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